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A potted history of kayaking…. Well, my kayaking!

It all began for me a loooong time ago, I learned to kayak as a child with Scouts, around the age of 11 (that makes it 30 years!!!!!)  I had a brief re-visit around the age of 18 and again at 20 when I worked a summer season for an Activity Holiday company for kids.  It was at this point I saw people ‘showing off’ with high bracing, skulling for support and the mystical art of ‘rolling’ – I had to learn…. so I did.  However it would be another 11 years before I get back in a kayak.

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Waves, wobbles and silly tan lines.

A ‘little’ paddle related blog from Laura – just in case you’ve forgotten what it was like to be a newbie (I had…)  If you want to follow more of Laura’s ramblings on life, paddling and horses please see her blog at:
In the last week or so the preparation has started for the summer trip to the Alps. After I decided to go and got my deposit paid, I’ve got some kit sorted and I’m set up with the basics to get out and practice.

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Humble beginnings….

The start of a new journey…. into the virtual world.  I have recently taken a step into the online world by creating and running websites and e-commerce, I am definitely feeling around in the dark with this and trying to find my way with very little knowledge or experience however, it is very interesting and I’m certainly expanding my skill-set.
On a more personal level, I am also in the early stages of a new relationship which is all very exciting in itself.  However she has also surprised me by agreeing to join our annual kayaking/climbing/biking trip to the Alps in Summer – so preparations have begun…. Luckily she has some experience of paddling so it’s not a completely fresh start however it has been a while, so there are some nerves to overcome.

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